Kamikaze Pigeon in Brentford



Gudrun Bielz, 2015


I am opening the balcony door and breathing in the clear air that sometimes is polluted by fog, exhaust fumes and burning oil. All the stressful times of the past are forgotten: working on my PhD, having to move out from my place, needing to find a job. All is forgotten.

Also the masses of ladybirds that have nested in the kitchen cannot irritate me any longer. Even if officially it has been acknowledged:

Invading cannibal ladybirds take over Britain’s homes


My dear landlords are old fashioned. They believe that it is sweet having masses of ladybirds in the kitchen, aggressive Chinese predators, as the article in the Independent (see link above) has stated. They think that these sweet little red bugs will live forever. While the homeowners are spending some time in warm and summery Australia, I am collecting bug corpses in my kitchen. Initially these bugs are mummified, then they fly for a few hours, circling around the kitchen light, more often crawling alongside the window frames, only to fall onto the floor or into the kitchen sink.

Who wants to associate red, black-dotted insects with death!

The big glass screens are decorated with bird shit. Noisy and green parakeets are sailing into and out of the balcony area, leaving greenish brown marks on the glass. Perhaps they hear the sounds of the little ladybirds, these bugs that seem to scream, “Eat me, drink me, kill me, oh parakeets!”

The seagulls are even louder than the parakeets. They observe their territory and aren’t interested in the dying ladybirds inside the house. The gulls are keeping their distance. Not so the grey pigeon that flies directly into the glass. Perhaps she wants some bug stew. Enough dead beetles are lying on the floor. Most of the time I use shovel and brush and throw the corpses into the waste bin, not into the biological but into the general household waste.

Kamikaze pigeon flies into the glass, is slightly confused, might have suffered a concussion, but she only leaves some feathers behind. Then she weaves, shakes her head in disbelief (or so I remember it), and off she flies into the big wild world of parakeets, seagulls, pigeons and imprisoned ladybirds that drive me mad as their corpses fall into the china and the cutlery displayed on the kitchen worktop.

There is death everywhere!



“Harmonia axyridis01” by ©entomart.


Music: Ladybird, Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FIPQVpw-zkk



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